Refrigeration Expertise Centre 

The Refrigeration Expertise Centre plays a central role in the refrigeration network in the Netherlands, and even abroad. The Expertise Centre brings businesses, trade organizations and expertise developments together. Aeres Tech offers development opportunities for businesses and individual participants, from technical training to complete business development plans. The professional context is always central. It is the unique concept of ‘learning by doing’.

Target groups

Aeres Tech focuses on the development of specialist-trained employees at companies that, almost without exception, are faced with employee outflow due to the ageing population. Together with its partners, Aeres Tech has ensured that the Expertise Centre has the latest training facilities; in the field of NH3 en CO2, for example. Training with these new resources in close collaboration with partners is one of the most important spearheads.


The dynamic field of Refrigeration demands increasingly more specialist expertise from workers in the sector. That is because of the introduction of natural refrigerants and hybrid techniques, among other things, as a result of striving for sustainability and energy-saving. The demand for training and developing is therefore increasing. Because of the ageing population threatening a shortage on the labour market, the sector is trying to interest young people in working in the refrigeration industry.

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