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Refrigeration Expertise Centre

The Refrigeration Expertise Centre plays a central role in the refrigeration network in the Netherlands and abroad. This centre brings businesses, trade organisations and expertise developments together. Aeres Tech offers development opportunities for businesses and individual participants, from technical training to complete business development plans. Central is the professional context. It includes the unique concept of ‘learning by doing’.

What exactly is Refrigeration Technology?

Refrigeration technology is a specific part of installation technique. It includes air-conditioning systems and refrigeration systems for shops, storage, transport, etc. Thus, this technology provides refrigeration systems for products, processes and areas. Industries in need of efficient refrigeration technology are the food-, pharmaceutical-, agricultural-, and the logistics distribution industry. All in all, refrigeration technology consists of technical solutions to keep different subjects cool and this can be done in different ways.

Aeres tech provides trainings in refrigeration technology for chefs and their organisations internationally. More information is provided at the bottom of this page.

The five most important parts of refrigeration technology are explained in the following:


Climate control includes the heating, cooling, dehumidifying or humidifying. Climate control is essential for the creation of a safe and healthy work- or living situation.

Comfort cooling

Comfort cooling is a system that regulates the temperature and humidity-level from an area.

Heath pumps

Heath pumps obtain energy from the air, water or soil and converting it into heath for the heating or tap.


With the use of an air-conditioning one can heath or cool the air in an area. Next to this, the air-conditioning also regulates the dehumidifying, cleaning and filtering of the air.

Mobile air-conditioning

A mobile air-conditioning has the same function as a normal air-conditioning, it regulates the temperature and dehumidifies. However, a mobile air-conditioning is light, thus, one can move it around easily to another room. This provides the opportunity to cool different rooms.


International trainings are provided in different levels, from 2 to 4+. Beneath you can find the different levels and additional information. You will be able to enrol for different levels. Contact us and we will provide you a training tailored to your needs. Moreover, the trainings are also available for trainers wanting to learn how to provide training in this area.

Target audience

Aeres Tech focuses on the development of specialist-trained employees at companies that, almost without exception, are faced with employee outflow due to the ageing population. Furthermore, the training facilities provided by Aeres Tech focuses on chefs of international organisations that need development in their refrigeration technology.


The Refrigeration Technology field is dynamic and demands increasingly more specialist expertise. Hence, the introduction of natural refrigerants and hybrid techniques, among other things, because of striving for sustainability. Therefore, the demand for training and developing is increasing. However, the ageing population is threatening a shortage in the labour market, the need to interest young people in working in the refrigeration industry is therefore high.