Koeltechnisch ontwerpen met synthetische koudemiddelen Doelstelling

Level 4+ provides training into becoming a specialist. This includes becoming a designer of refrigeration- and climate systems. When finishing this training you will be able to collect information about refrigeration systems on an intern and extern basis and to provide this information to your client. You will also be capable to design the right system and make a blueprint with use of the collected information. Additionally, you will also be able to translate the designed system into a commercial offer and to present this offer to your client. Lastly, you will also be acquainted with the accompanied rules and regulations. Do you want the training tailored to your needs? Contact us.

You will learn to:

  • Collect design content
  • Calculate commercial and industrial refrigeration- and climate-systems
  • Design (industrial) refrigeration- and climate-systems
  • Draw out offers
  • Keep in contact with the clients and advisors
  • Round up activities


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