Level 3 provides training into becoming a service mechanic. The content of this level consists of refrigeration- and climate systems. The service- and first mechanic in refrigeration- and climate systems handles activities such as small and middle-sized refrigeration- and climate-systems, air-conditioning and heath pump-systems. These activities are executed in the commercial refrigeration- and climate technology as well. Do you want the training tailored to your needs? Contact us.

You will learn to:

  • Prepare isolation/installation activities
  • Have knowledge in the different refrigeration-systems
  • Determine the position of the refrigeration technology components and the route of the cables / pipelines
  • Connect controls
  • Arrange the refrigeration-systems
  • Find an error and knowing how to fix it
  • Change refrigeration- and electronic schedules to fit revision
  • Know synthetic-, natural- and charcoal hydrogen
  • Have knowledge in the rules and regulations
  • Have knowledge in the working conditions and safety


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