Learning by doing

Aeres Tech’s training concept is simple but not easy. Learning by doing means that all training really does take place in practice. Theory is necessary, but with us it always stems from a carefully selected practical problem, originating directly from professional practice.


Training is a profession in itself. We have more than twenty experienced and professional trainers who guarantee that. Our trainers are men and women with didactic qualities, love for their field and an abundance of intrinsic knowledge.

Small groups

Training at Aeres Tech takes place in small groups. This makes it possible for trainers to give participants personal attention so that they receive the attention needed for them to realize their personal learning objectives. At Aeres Tech it is a matter of course that training is both physically and socially safe.


Aeres Tech training courses provide direct results. After a course the participant can independently, professionally and safely put into practice what he learnt at Aeres Tech the day before.