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Latest updates location Aeres Tech

In this section you can read the latest specific updates for Aeres Tech. Below these updates you will find the latest general updates and general information that apply throughout Aeres.

March 16 2020

Education and training activities suspended until April 6

The Dutch government has announced that nationally all schools will close for the period from March 16 to April 6. On March 13 Aeres Tech suspended all educational activities from March 16 until March 20 at its location. Due to the measures taken by The Dutch government, this has been extended until April 6.

March 13 2020

Education and training activities suspended next week

In consultation with the board of Aeres and with the business community, the decision was made to suspend all educational activities from Aeres Tech from Monday 16 to Friday 20 March. We are working to resolve potential problems that may arise from these measures. Of course, the health and safety of our students, trainees and employees come first. We are convinced that in good cooperation and consultation we can manage the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak. Stay tuned to this website for actual information on coronavirus policies in the near future. For urgent questions, please contact Jaap Wouda (Marketing & Communication) on +31 6 20 01 42 74 or by email: New training dates will be planned soon.

Latest updates Aeres in general

May 29, 2020

Gradual resumption of activities at locations

In its policy, Aeres follows the guidelines of the cabinet and is therefore preparing to resume a number of activities on location. For vmbo and practical education this applies from June 2 and for mbo and hbo from June 15.

Measures have been taken at all locations to ensure a distance of one and a half meters between people. The number of people who may be present in buildings at the same time is adjusted accordingly. The educational locations will take into account that education will not take place during and shortly before and after rush hours. This measure is taken because of government guidelines to limit the occupation of public transport. Additional measures have been and are being taken with regard to, for example, walking routes, hygiene and limitation of the number of people who may be in one area. The safety of our employees, pupils and students is paramount.

Where education on location is not yet possible, we will continue remote education.

Aeres institutions are working on longer-term protocols, so that we are prepared for the situation in which the one-and-a-half meter society requires more structural changes.

General information

Attention: this information has been updated on Thursday April 2 2020.

In December 2019 the outbreak of the coronavirus started in the Wuhan region in China. Since then it is detected in many countries and measures are taken worldwide to prevent the coronavirus from further spreading. Aeres is following the national guidelines of the Ministery of Foreign Affairs (travel advice) and the RIVM, the national Institute for Public Health and the Environment.

Important information about the coronavirus and, more specific, the measures Aeres takes in case of emergency, will be shared on this page. All Aeres schools and locations follow these guidelines and measures.

Contagiousness and symptoms

Patients infected with the coronavirus have a fever and respiratory symptoms, such as a cough, shortness of breath and pneumonia. 

Prevent infection or virus spreading:

  • wash your hands on a regularly basis;
  • sneeze or cough in your elbow, not in your hands;
  • use paper tissues;
  • don’t shake hands;
  • stay at home when you show cold or flu symptoms.

Contact your GP (doctor’s office) if:
you have a fever above 38 degrees with respiratory symptoms (coughing or shortness of breath)

DO NOT visit the GP (doctor’s office) but contact them by phone and follow their instructions.

Visit the website of the RIVM for more information.


Aeres follows the instructions and advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding travelling. Aeres' policy is that all forms of foreign travelling and excursions are suspended until further notice. This measure applies to both staff and students. Travel for internships abroad is also covered by this measure. It is currently unclear how long the measures will be needed. We will of course monitor the situation closely and report any changes. 


Check out the sites mentioned above for more information. In case of any Aeres-related questions, please contact For study-related questions, you can contact your Aeres institution directly at: